The story so far....

-Draenor is an untamed primal world, we're looking at it in a crucial turning moment 30 years ago.
-Time travel is always tricky. We're going back in time slightly before Rise of the Horde but once Warlords of Draenor starts, it's like an alternative universe that doesn't affect the present.
-Blizzard wanted to do something with the concept of Warlords for a while--take the most badasss warriors and put them on "the same basketball team." At first they thought ----Garrosh would get exiled to Outland and then raise the fallen warlords, but that concept was scrapped.
-Warlords of Draenor is a great opportunity to explore the pinnacle of Draenei culture, --before it was destroyed in the Burning Crusade. Players get to see Shattrath as a coast city, Karabor as a Draenei city before the devastation of the Black Temple, and Auchindoun before it was ruined.
-Y'rel is a new major lore figure for the Draenei--an ordinary character who stepped up to a heroic role, in the style of Joan of Arc. Blizzard wanted to experiment with major characters that weren't just the same old faction leaders.
-Thrall has a lot of serious work to do in coming to terms with the past and evaluating his actions that negatively impacted the Horde. The panel agreed he needs to put some more armor on and go back to solving problems with a hammer.
-Garrosh isn't going to be redeemed, but he'll get a satisfying ending and lots of character development.
-Aggra will not be going back in time with Thrall--Warlords of Draenor was described as a "boys trip" which many players were unhappy with.

Lords of War

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