Sunday, March 9, 2014

Racial changes in Warlords of Draenor

Because of the removing of Hit/Exp in Warlords of Draenor , there will be some changes in the racial abilities. Some of the changes are very interesting like the new Night Elf spell - Touch of Elune. Other classes like orcs are nerfed a lot , but I think that overall things are very balanced. See for yourself :)


  • Draenei:  Heroic Presence is now +X to your primary stat.  Gift of the Naaru heals for the same amount but over 5sec. 
  • Dwarf: Lost  Crack Shot and  Mace Specialization. Gained Might of the Mountain, a passive which adds 2% Crit Damage. Also... A change to Stoneform: Also removes Magic/Curse. HOWEVER, it still cannot be used while CC'd. (It is still NOT a CC-break) .
  • Gnome:  Escape Artist dropped to a 1min CD (from 1.5min), and  Shortblade Specialization became Nimble Fingers, 1% Haste. Also- A tweak to  Expansive Mind. Was +5% max Mana. Now +5% Max Mana, Energy, Rage, or Runic Power.
  • Humans lose the Mace/Sword racials.  The Human Spirit becomes +X to two secondary stats of your choice. Source  Every Man for Himself, we're still evaluating. Itemization changes may mean no nerf needed. 
  • Night Elves:  Quickness also increases movement speed by 2% passively. They also got a new passive which is quite unique... (Remember, no more haste breakpoints!) Touch of Elune, a new passive which grants 1% Haste at night, 1% Crit during the day.  Shadowmeld is unchanged.
  • Worgen: Darkflight is staying unchanged.
  • Blood Elf: They gain Arcane Acuity, a 1% crit passive.  Arcane Torrent now restores 20 Runic Power, or 1HoPo, or 3% Mana.
  • Goblins: Not much. They were about at baseline.  Time is Money becomes real 1% Haste, not just attack speed / cast speed.
  • Orcs: were one of the outliers we brought down. Lost the  Axe Specialization, and  Hardiness is 10% Stun reduction (down from 15%). Blood Fury is unchanged.
  • Tauren:  Endurance becomes +X Stamina. Brawn is a new passive which increases Crit Damage/Healing by 2%. 
  • Troll: Berserking Reduced to 15% Haste (down from 20%). 
  • Undead are seeing relatively few changes. Tweaks to the scaling rate of  Touch of the Grave, and WotF to 3min CD (up from 2).

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