Friday, February 19, 2016

New Legion mounts - Infernal Mounts

We knew that we were going to get demon mounts in WOW Legion, but who was expecting to be able to ride a F******* Inferno ?

In WOW Legion we will have mounts much similar to the Ogron mounts in Draenor.

There are going to be five types of Infernal mounts for now - Fiendish Hellfire Core,  Living Infernal Core,  Dim Coldflame Core,  Molten Flarecore and  Frostshard Infernal.

My opinion - They are very,very well made ,but I think that they will be very hard to get or at least some of them.  I see them as a reward for a Mythic raids or something like that. 

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Dim Coldflame Core

Fiendish Hellfire Core

Frostshard Infernal

Living Infernal Core

Molten Flarecore

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