Saturday, February 13, 2016

Top PVP Videos - Shaman

I've made a research for the most viewed PVP videos in the last 12 months. I will update the posts every few months and my idea is just to share popular channels with you.

It's time for the Shaman video and it's not a surprise that the most viewed Shaman PVP video is from Bajheera. It's a well known fact that aside from playing Warrior he enjoys the Shaman PVP very,very much and that is why we have the pleasure of watching this 30 min PVP video. It has 92 502 views for a little more than a month. Enjoy !

Check out  the BajheeraWoW channel for more videos if you've liked this one :)

If you want please refer good Shaman PVP Videos :)

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