Saturday, December 6, 2014

Highmaul Item Drop Preview - Leather Armor

In this post you will find all the Leather Armor items that can drop from the bosses in Highmaul. 

LFR (640)
Helm-Alloy-Inlaid Cap, Ko'ragh
Shoulder-Shoulderguards of the Shepherd, Twin Ogron
Chest-Chestwrap of Violent Upheaval, Tectus
Wrist-Spine-Ripper Bracers, The Butcher
Hands-Carnage Breath Gauntlets, Brackenspore
Legs-Warmage's Legwraps, Imperator Mar'gok

Boots-Firewalker's Treads, Kargath Bladefist

Normal, Heroic, Mythic (655, 670, 685)
Helm-Rune-Enscribed Hood, Ko'ragh
Shoulder-Deep Walker Paulders, Brackenspore
Chest-Chestguard of the Roaring Crowd, Kargath Bladefist
Wrist-Bracers of Spare Skin, The Butcher
Hands-Treacherous Palms, Twin Ogron,  
Throat-Ripper Gauntlets, Kargath Bladefist (BoE)
Waist-Belt of Bloody Guts, The Butcher,  
Eyeripper Girdle, Highmaul trash (BoE)
Legs-Nether Blast Leggings, Imperator Mar'gok
Boots-Sandals of Mycoid Musing, Brackenspore,  

Mountainwalker's Boots, Tectus

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