Friday, December 5, 2014

Steamwheedle Preservation Society Reputation Guide - Nagrand rares

Well this is just a short post about the easiest way to gain reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society. The faction is not the most important in Draenor, but you can get a mount and two battle pets from it, so it's worth it to get exalted status with them. 

Info about the faction:
"The Steamwheedle Preservation Society is locked in a rivalry with Harrison Jones and traditional archaeologists. They seek to "liberate relics from the ogres of Nagrand with the noble intention of selling them to the highest bidder."

Battle pets-
-Forest Sproutling
-Albino River Calf
-Domesticated Razorback

So the easiest way to gain reputation with Steamwheedle Preservation Society is to kill some Rare NPCs in Nagrand. They will drop epic items which give you 500 reputation with Steamwheedle Preservation Society. If you really want to level your reputation should just spare few hours to farm those rares.

I made a map with the locations of the rares and I will be very happy to find more info for you :)

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