Thursday, December 4, 2014

WOD World Bosses - Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner

From yesterday we can finally battle the new World bosses in Warlords of Draenor. I'm talking about Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner. They are both located in Gorgrond and each week only one of them spawns. Both of them drop ilvl 650 gear. Below I'll post more detailed information about the abilities, tactics and drops of the two bosses.

Drov the Ruiner

Watch Drov's facing carefully to avoid  Colossal Slam.
Avoid Frenzied Rumblers during  Call of Earth until they submerge. They will re-emerge randomly and attack players.


Drov the Ruiner Location

Tarlna the Ageless
Tarlna attacks players with  Colossal Blow (heavy group damage) and  Savage Vines (roots players in place).
He will periodically summon sproutlings and grow them into Giant Lashers with  Genesis.
 Trample (walk over) sprouting lashers before  Genesis completes to prevent Giant Lashers from spawning.


Tarlna the Ageless Location

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