Saturday, December 6, 2014

Highmaul Item Drop Preview - Non-armor(Bonus Armor)

In this post you will find all non-armor items with Bonus Armor that can be dropped from Highmaul. 

LFR (640)
Neck-Tide-Caller's Gorget, Brackenspore
Cape-Flamescarred Drape, Kargath Bladefist
Ring-Ring of Enfeebling Accusations, Twin Ogron

Trinket-Idol of Suppression, Ko'ragh

Normal, Heroic, Mythic (655, 670, 685)
Neck-Collar of Wailing Mouths, Brackenspore,  
Choker of Violent Displacement, Imperator Mar'gok
Cape-Fireproof Greatcloak, Kargath Bladefist,  
Cloak of Frenzied Rage, The Butcher,  
Eye-Blinder Greatcloak BoE
Ring-Gutwrench Ring, The Butcher,  
Eye of Tectus, Tectus,  
Seal of Unbound Frost, Ko'ragh,  
Shockwave Signet, Imperator Mar'gok
Trinket-Pillar of the Earth, Tectus,  

Pol's Blinded Eye, Twin Ogron

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