Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Felblight - the new kryptonite for professions in patch 6.2

The new patch is knocking at our doors and for many of us the professions are one of the most important/interesting things in the game. You can find information and guides about every new thing in the professions in patch 6.2, but for me the most notable thing is the new crafting material - Felblight. 

I think that Blizz want people to put much more efforts in gathering professions which is great. I like that we will have 6 different ways of obtaining  Felblight:

  1. Withered Herb can contains  Felblight for Herbalists.
  2. Felmouth Frenzy School can contain  Felblight from Fishing.
  3. Beasts in Tanaan Jungle can give  Felblight when Skinned.
  4. Mineral nodes in Tanaan Jungle can contain  Felblight for Miners.
  5.  Felblight can be sold on the Auction House.
  6. Felblight can not be acquired from your Garrison.

As you can see it will be a very hard work, because everyone will try to farm many of those as fast as he can, so at the beginning of the patch , I think that this will be a very good way of making money.

I guess that you want to know why are we going to need those things...well we will be able to use Felblight for 4 different things:
  1. 60  Felblight- for Stage 6 upgrades.
  2. 30  Felblight- for Stage 5 upgrades.
  3. 15  Felblight- for epic gems.
  4. 1  Felblight- for  Glyph of Ascendance. ( I bet that Shamans are quite excited ).
Tell me what you think about the Felblight and for the new patch in the comments below.

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