Monday, June 22, 2015

Midnight thoughts - good and bad things about WOW atm

Well Hello to all of you !

Because of few reasons I can't fall asleep and that's why I've decided to think about WOW for few moments.
Maybe you don't cake but I'll tell you the reasons why I can't sleep. The first reason is because I had a back injury from the volleyball and now it hurts really bad. 

The second reason is because my crush told me that we can only be friends yeah I'm friendzoned on 100%. It feels nice..And ..yeah I won't talk about this more...maybe some of you know the feeling... 

I'm thinking about which are the things that I like in WOW atm and which are those that I don't like. Maybe you won't agree ,but well this is the way I see thing now.

Things that I like in WOW atm:

  • the new raids
  • the fact that some of my old WOW friends came back to Azeroth
  • the ability to pay for game time with GOLD
  • the new looks of the characters
  • the twitter thing.
Things that I don't like in WOW atm:
  • the's boring
  • the garrisons ...they take a lot of time 
  • the lack of social activities
  • the world bosses....they are not as wanted as they were in Pandaria
Don't get me wrong ...I like the expansion very much, this post is just the way I see thing at the moment. If you agree or if you fel sorry for me ..leave me a comment below..for all the friendzoned people out there..cheers !

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