Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flying is coming to Draenor! - Why ??

I just came back from work and I saw the big news ....flying is coming to Draenor!
The first question that I have is why would Blizzard do that ?
Because people become lazy and everyone was crying for like 8 months...

The lack of flying was maybe the only hardcore thing in Draenor and now even this is gone. I know that most of you wont agree ,but you have to agree that you just want flying for making thing even easier.

The good thing is that we will have to do a bunch of achievements for the blessed ability of flying.

Again this is only my opinion and you don't have to agree, but if you do let a comment below.

Now lets see what is the list of required achievement for flying in Draenor:

Explore Draenor:  
-Explore Frostfire Ridge,  
-Explore Gorgrond,  
-Explore Nagrand,  
-Explore Shadowmoon Valley,  
-Explore Spires of Arak,  
-Explore Talador

Collecting 100 Treasures: See comments on  Grand Treasure Hunter for details. We also have guides to treasures in every zone:
-Rares, Treasures, and Temples in Shadowmoon Valley
-Rares, Treasures, and Shamanstones in Frostfire Ridge
-Rares, Treasures, and Garrison Outpost Caches in Gorgrond
-Rares and Treasures in Talador
-Rares, Treasures, and Jumping Puzzles in Spires of Arak
-Rares, Treasures, and Gliders in Nagrand

Vignettes of Tanaan Jungle
Completing  Loremaster of Draenor and  Securing Draenor achievements. Securing Draenor requires players to complete Apexis "Assault" dailies--check out our quest guide on how to complete them quickly.. You can complete one via your Town Hall, or pick up Scouting Missives for 200 to complete a solo Apexis quest that you're missing. Do note that the Group Apexis quests do not have missives.

Hitting Revered with three Tanaan Jungle reputations.
-Saberstalkers Reputation Guide
-Order of the Awakened Reputation Guide
-Hand of the Prophet Reputation Guide

-Vol'jin's Headhunters Reputation Guide

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