Saturday, June 6, 2015

Patch 6.2. New PVP mounts

It was about time for some new PVP mounts in WOW. With the new 6.2. patch we will be able to get the Vicious War Mechanostrider (for the Alliance) and Vicious War Kodo (for the Horde).

The requirements for the mounts are quite familiar - 100 wins in 3v3 Arenas or 40 wins in rated Battlegrounds.

This time I can honestly say that the Horde mount is way better than the Alliance one. Maybe it's because I love kodos and I really don't like the mech chicken mounts, but this is only my own opinion. 

Please tell me do you like the mounts and If you dio, which one do you like more in the comments below.

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