Friday, February 6, 2015

Druid macros - Patch 6.0.3

Here you'll be able to find useful and interesting macros for Druids in patch 6.0.3.
The macros are separated in categories , so it'll be easier to find a macro for your spec.


Maim Macro:
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
[nostealth, nocombat] !Prowl(Cat Form);
Maim(Cat Form)

This will put you in Cat Form, then stealth followed by a Maim on your current target. If you don’t have the combo points when going into Cat Form, Maim won’t be casts.

Pounce/Shred macro:
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
[nostealth, nocombat]
!Prowl(Cat Form); [stealth] Pounce(Cat Form);
Shred(Cat Form)

If you’re prowling, you will casts Pounce. If you’re not prowling, you will casts Shred. Of course Shred only works if you’re behind the target at the time.

  Trinket/Berserk macro:
/cast [nostealth] InsertTrinket
/cast [stealth][stance: 1/3] Berserk

If you’re just in stealth, it will casts Berserk. If you’re not in stealth, it will casts both your trinket and Berserk. Only thing required for you to do is put your dps trinket where it says “InsertTrinket”.

 Faerie Fire:
/cast [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire
(Feral)(Feral); Faerie Fire

 This will cast Faerie Fire no matter what form you’re in. Probably my most used Feral Macro, it works really well for PvP.


  Nature’s Cure Mousover macro:
Nature’s Cure
/cast [target=mouseover, exists] [help]
[target=player] Nature’s Cure

This will casts Nature’s Cure on your current mouseover target. If nobody is on your mouseover, it will be casts on your current target. If you have nobody targeted, it will be casts on yourself.

  Instant Healing Touch macro:
Nature’s Swiftness
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast [@mouseover,exists]
Healing Touch;Healing Touch

This casts Nature’s Swiftness followed by a instant Healing Touch on your mouseover. If you have no mouseover, it will be casts on your current target. If you have no target it, will be casts on yourself.

  Healing Mouseovers macro:

/cast [@mouseover] Regrowth

I just have this up as a reminder. Make sure you have the majority of your healing spells bound with a mouseover Macro. I know a lot of people don’t like mouseover Macros, but once you get used to them it makes life much easier. 


Celestial Alignment macro:
/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Starfall

Automatically uses Celestial Alignment off cooldown when casting Starfall. The cooldown is 3 minutes, so it’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on dps.

  Cat Form/Dash macro:
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
Dash(Cat Form)

Puts you in Cat Form followed by a quick Dash. I use this quite a lot when Pvping as Balance, it’s an oldy, but still works great.

  Tier 5 All-in-One macro:
/use [talent:5/1] Incapacitating Roar
/use [talent:5/2] Ursol’s Vortex
/use [talent:5/3] Mighty Bash

Place this on your toolbar, so when you switch talents you don’t need to go into your spellbook and switch out spells.

  Force of Nature macro:
Force of Nature
/cast !Force of Nature

Will have your treants attack current target.


/cast [@mouseover,help]Rebirth;Rebirth

Cast Rebirth on current target, or friendly mouseover target.

  Cancel Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Hand of Protection

Click it once to get rid of HoP. Since mobs will attack the next person on the aggro list with HoP on, it’s a must have Macro for picking back up your targets quickly.

  Faerie Fire/Wild Charge
/castsequence [reset=15] Faerie Fire, Wild Charge

Casts Faerie Fire, then Charges your current target.

  Decurse/Remove Poison
#showtooltip Remove Corruption
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][target=target] Remove Corruption

Does a lot of your forms automatically with one button. It’s best to just try it out, then having me explain everything it does. Also this might be moved to the general Macro section. If I ever get around to it. 

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