Saturday, February 7, 2015

Warlock macros - Patch 6.0.3

Here you'll be able to find useful and interesting macros for Warlocks in patch 6.0.3.
The macros are separated in categories , so it'll be easier to find a macro for your spec.

General Hunter Macros:
 Soulstone Mouseover Macro
#showtooltip Soulstone
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] [] Soulstone

This macro allows you to cast Soulstone Icon Soulstone on a raid or party member by simply hovering the mouse over their unit or raid frame. If you are not hovering over any friendly unit's unit frame, it will cast Soulstone on your current target.

Interrupt Macros
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Spell Lock

This macro makes your Felhunter cast Spell Lock Icon Spell Lock at your focus, if you have one. Otherwise, Spell Lock is cast at your current target. Note that since this is an ability that belongs to one of your demons, you do not need to stop casting to cast it.

/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Optical Blast

This is the same macro as above, for the Optical Blast Icon Optical Blast spell of your Observer.

Dispel Macros
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Devour Magic
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Clone Magic
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Singe Magic
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Sear Magic

These four macros can be used to cast the following spells: Devour Magic Icon Devour Magic (Felhunter), Clone Magic Icon Clone Magic (Observer), Singe Magic Icon Singe Magic (Imp), and  Sear Magic Icon Sear Magic (Fel Imp).

Incapacitate macro:
#showtooltip Banish
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus,exists][@target,exists] Banish
/y Casting Banish on %F

This macro casts Banish Icon Banish on your focus or your current target. The first time you use this macro, the focus is set on your current target (if it is an enemy). Subsequent uses of the macro will keep casting Banish on your focus, unless you press alt (or whatever modifier you specify in the second line of the macro), in which case, the macro will set the focus on your current target before casting Banish on it.

To sum it up, use the macro to keep your assignment controlled and press alt while using the macro to cast Banish on a new enemy.

You can adapt this macro to cast Seduction Icon Seduction (Succubus) or Mesmerize Icon Mesmerize (Shivarra) instead of Banish Icon Banish.

Demonic Circle macro:
/cast Demonic Circle: Teleport

This macro will cancel your current spell cast and make you use your Demonic Circle. This saves you the trouble (and the time!) of interrupting your spell cast manually.

Soulshatter macro:
/cast Soulshatter

This macro will interrupt your current spell cast and instantly use Soulshatter Icon Soulshatter. This macro will prevent certain death if you over aggro the boss.

Affliction Warlock
 Drain Life macro:
/cast [nochanneling: Drain Life] Drain Life

Stops you from recasting Drain Life while it’s still channeling, so you won’t overlap the previous one. Saves on mana, which means more dps for you.

  Haunt/Felhunter macro:
/cast Haunt
/cast Devour Magic

This will cast Haunt, followed by your Felhunter attack with a Devour Magic. Great way to get some quick dps on the target. 

Demonology Warlock
Quick Burst macro:
/cast Dark Soul
/cast Blood Fury
/use 13
/cast Grimoire: Felguard
/cast Felstorm

This burns all of your major cooldowns at once. I personally use most of my damage cooldowns serperatly, but having a Macro like this will make sure you don’t miss any cooldowns during the big fights. Also if you have your dps trinket in a different slot, replace /use 13 for 14 OR you can add both lines.


  Pet Control macro:
/petattack [target=pettarget,noexists]
/petfollow [target=pettarget,exists]

Press it once to have your pet attack current target, then a second time to have them come back. 

Destruction Warlock
Havoc macro:
#showtooltip Havoc
/cast [@mouseover,harm] Havoc; [harm] Havoc

This macro casts Havoc Icon Havoc on your mouseover target if you have any, otherwise it casts it on your target (provided it is an enemy).

Shadowburn macro:
#showtooltip Shadowburn
/cast Shadowburn

This macro stops your current cast and immediately cast Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn, which can be useful if need to cast Shadowburn on an add that is about to die.

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