Monday, February 2, 2015

Rukhmar - Drop and Preview

Rukhmar is the new world boss in Warlords of Draenor. He drops 665 ilvl gear and a mount - Solar Spirehawk.

Rukhmar harnesses the power of the sun to create fiery phoenix allies to attack players. When defeated, these allies crumble into Piles of Ash that can nevertheless be reignited by exposure to other phoenixes or to Rukhmar's power itself. 


and the mount:

Dungeon Journal:

Damage Dealers – 
Stay away from Piles of Ash, or the [Blaze of Glory] explosion caused if you are targeted by [Blood Feathers] will reignite them.
When Rukhmar takes to the air, [Loose Quills] fall on players at random.
Flee from Energized Phoenixes that are chasing you, and defeat other Phoenixes away from Piles of Ash to avoid reigniting the Piles with [Blaze of Glory].

Healers – 
Rukhmar's body is full of [Solar Radiation].
[Pierced Armor] increases the damage that a tank takes from [Sharp Beak].
Rukhmar's [Solar Breath] hits all players in front of her for significant damage.

Tanks – 
Alternate tanking Rukhmar to allow the [Pierce Armor] effect of her [Sharp Beak] to fade.
Energized Phoenixes fixate on random players, but Depleted Phoenixes can be tanked normally.

Rukhmar's [Solar Breath] will damage all players in front of her.

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