Saturday, February 7, 2015

Priest macros - Patch 6.0.3

Here you'll be able to find useful and interesting macros for Priests in patch 6.0.3.
The macros are separated in categories , so it'll be easier to find a macro for your spec.

General Priest Macros:
 Leap of Faith Mouseover Macro:
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Leap of Faith

This macro will cast Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith on the target your are currently mousing over, if it is a friendly target and not dead. Otherwise, it will cast Leap of Faith on your current target.

Discipline Priest:
Heal macro:
#showtooltip Heal
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][]Heal

This will cast Heal on your mouseover target, if it is a friendly target and it is not dead. Otherwise, it will cast heal on your current target. 

Penance Mouseover
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][]Penance

This will casts Penance on your mouseover target OR current target if you have no mouseover. All of your healing spells can be done exactly like this one. I usually just replace the abilities for the mouseover Macros. Takes awhile to get used to, but well worth it.

  Power Word: Barrier
Power Word: Barrier
/cast !power word: barrier

Stops you from losing the circle when spamming Power Word: Barrier. Every spell like this can have the exact same Macro. Death and Decay, Shadowfury, Consecration etc…

  Power Word: Shield Mouseover
Power Word: Shield
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Power Word: Shield

This will casts Power Word: Shield on mouseover target OR current target it you don’t have a mouseover.

  Inner Fire/Inner Will
/castsequence !Inner Fire, !Inner WIll

Press once to activate Inner Fire, then a second time to activate Inner Will. It just cycles through them, so it works both ways.

Shadow Priest:

Shadow Form
/cast !Shadowform

 Allows you to spam Shadow Form without accidentally breaking it. Works great when you want to pop back in Shadow Form after healing.

  Psychic Horror Focus
Psychic horror
/cast [target=focus, exists] Psychic Horror; Psychic Horror

Stops all casting immediately and casts Psychic Horror on your focused target.

  Silence Focus
/cast [nomodifier,target=target] silence
/cast [target=focus, modifier:alt] Silence

Hold down alt to Silence focused target OR don’t hold down modifier to Silence current target.

/cancelaura Dispersion
/cast Dispersion

Press once to activate Dispersion, then a second to cancel it. Allows you to enter and leave Dispersion with one button. Most of the time people will stop attacking you when you casts Dispersion, so it’s very useful for PvP situations.

Holy Priest:
Circle of Healing Mouseover
Circle of Healing
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][]Circle of Healing

This will casts Circle of Healing on your mouseover target OR your current target if you have no mouseover. All of your healing abilities can be swapped out for mouseover Macros like this.

Shackle Undead
/target [harm] Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Shackle Undead

This will casts Shackle Undead on a DKs Gargoyle, then automatically switch you to your last target. Works great for Arena and Battlegrounds.

  Quick Self Healing
Desperate Prayer
/cast InsertTrinketHere
/use Healthstone
/cast Desperate Prayer

Uses your Battle Master Trinket, then a Healthstone followed by Desperate Prayer. The trinket will give you more HP, which will increase the amount Desperate Prayer heals you for. The Heathstone is optional, it doesn’t effect the Macro if you don’t have one on you. Just make sure you put your trinket where it says “InsertTrinketHere”.

  Announce Lightwell
/cast Lightwell
/run SendChatMessage(“Lightwell’s out…. If you die, I have an excuse.”,
((UnitInRaid(“player”)and “RAID” or “PARTY”)))l

This will let everyone know that you just placed a Lightwell down, by announcing it in party/raid chat. You can change the message to anything you want between the quotation marks.

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