Friday, May 20, 2016

Legion Order Hall Sets - Preview

New Sets and new Preview post from me that will include the hard truth about the new content (good or bad).
So we finally have the Preview of the Legion Order Hall Armor Sets. The pieces of the Sets will be gathered trough series of quests and achievements for your Legion Order Hall. In general those sets are not even close to the Tier 19 sets if we have to compare them, but this is just my personal opinion.

Legion Order Hall Sets Preview: 

Order Hall Sets are acquired by doing different things in Legion.
-Helm - simple Order Hall quest
-Wrists - Recruit 6 Champions for Order Hall.
-Gloves - Honored with Nightfallen.
-Leggings - Revered with 3 Broken Isles reputations.
-Feet - Defeat the final boss of every Legion Dungeon.
-Chest - Complete your Class Order Campaign.
-Belt - Earn 50,000 Artifact Power.
-Shoulders - Exalted with the Nightfallen. 


  1. what is the stats on each item

  2. Nothing to show for Female toons?

    1. Sadly not...for now :( I also want to see the tauren,worgen and troll models, because they are more specific as you know..
      I hope that soon I'll be able to show them