Saturday, May 14, 2016

Priest Tier 19 - Preview

This is a short post about the new Priest Tier 19 set. I guess it's very strange that I'm so positive about the Tier 19 sets, but this one is a good example why I like them. Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses: 

Priest T19 Discipline 2P Bonus - Your healing on targets affected by your Power Word: Shield is increased by 20%.
Priest T19 Discipline 4P Bonus - During Rapture, Atonement applied by Power Word: Shield lasts 6 additional sec.

Priest T19 Holy 2P Bonus - Holy Word: Sanctify's Echo of Light heals for 100% more.
Priest T19 Holy 4P Bonus - Holy Word: Serenity gains 20% increased critical strike chance if the target is affected by your Echo of Light.

Priest T19 Shadow 2P Bonus - Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch generate 1 Insanity each time they deal damage.

Priest T19 Shadow 4P Bonus - For 6 sec after activating Voidform, the cooldown on Void Bolt is reduced by 100%.


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Priest Tier 19


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  2. If these are cloth shoulders, then I am a train!

    1. Maybe there is some cloth under the shoulders :D