Saturday, May 14, 2016

Warlock Tier 19 - Preview

This is a short post about the new Warlock Tier 19 set . In the most demonic expansion it's very normal for us to have an AWESOME warlock set. Again it reminds me of the old warlock PVE sets and this can only mean that the set is good. Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses: 

Warlock T19 Affliction 2P Bonus - Unstable Affliction deals 25% additional damage over time.
Warlock T19 Affliction 4P Bonus - Agony has 1.4 times the normal chance to generate a Soul Shard.

Warlock T19 Demonology 2P Bonus - Doom has a 50% chance to generate an additional Soul Shard.
Warlock T19 Demonology 4P Bonus - Dreadstalkers last 6 sec longer.

Warlock T19 Destruction 2P Bonus - Conflagrate gains an additional charge and 2 sec reduced cooldown.

Warlock T19 Destruction 4P Bonus - Casting Chaos Bolt reduces the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt by 20% for 2 sec.


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Warlock Tier 19

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