Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WOW Legion Mage Set Bonuses - Regalia of Everburning Knowledge

In this post you will see a short preview of the Mage Set Bonuses in WOW Legion. After the look of the sets, the bonuses from it are the most important information for us. 

What do you think of the set bonuses for your class and spec ?

Regalia of Everburning Knowledge Bonuses:

  • 2 pieces (Arcane) : Your spells have an additional 5% chance to activate Arcane Missiles.
  • 4 pieces (Arcane) : Casting Arcane Missiles reduces the remaining cooldown on Evocation by 1 sec.

  • 2 pieces (Fire) : Enhanced Pyrotechnics provides an additional 10% critical strike chance from each application.
  • 4 pieces (Fire) : Hot Streak also grants you 30% haste for 10 sec.

  • 2 pieces (Frost) : Frost Bolt has a 5% increased chance to trigger Brain Freeze.
  • 4 pieces (Frost) : Frozen Orb has an additional 5% chance to trigger Fingers of Frost when it deals damage.

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