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Grimrail Depot Boss Preview

I'm going to make few post about the WOD Dungeon bosses, because we all know that we are going to farm the WOD dungeons in the first weeks of the new expansion, so it will be quite useful to know what to expect.

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"Grimrail Depot is a Level 100 dungeon available in Normal, Heroic, and Challenge Mode difficulties. It is located in Gorgrond, and takes place primarily on a moving train and the depot that services it. This guide will outline strategies and important role-based responsibilities for each of the three bosses in Grimrail Depot, as well as some tips on particularly threatening trash mobs." 

Skylord Tovra

"Before the rise of the Iron Horde, Tovra had never ventured beyond the frigid tundra of Frostfire, where she led groups of Thunderlord trackers to snare and capture the fiercest rylaks on Draenor. Her mastery of rylaks has made Tovra an invaluable asset, and she now commands the aerial forces of the Iron Horde." 

Skylord Tovra Abilities:
Freezing Snare – Throws a Frost Trap on the ground, which when tripped, inflicts 14250 to 15750 Frost damage and roots all enemies within 6 yards for 6 sec.
Spinning Spear – Throws a spinning spear towards a target, penetrating armor and inflicting 43875 to 46125 Physical damage, knocking down the target for 2 sec.
Diffused Energy – Forms a pool of viscous electricity on the ground, periodically inflicting Nature damage to targets who remain in the pool.
Thunderous Breath – Thunderous Breath encompasses the platform, inflicting Nature damage to all players.

Hunter's Mark – Marks a target, throwing an Explosive Spear at their location after until cancelled, inflicting Fire damage to all targets within 8 yards.

Borka the Brute
"Borka the Brute assaults players with powerful physical attacks, as Railmaster Rocketspark uses his jet pack to move between locations on the platform, firing missiles when he lands.
Rocketspark periodically unleashes a Missile Barrage, damaging all players. If Borka's Mad Dash strikes Rocketspark at that time, it will disrupt his Missile Barrage."  

Borka the Brute Abilities:
Slam – Inflicts 27750 to 32250 Physical damage to all players.
HeroicSlam – Inflicts 27750 to 32250 Physical damage to all players and interrupts casting for 1.50 sec.
Mad Dash – Borka the Brute charges forward trampling over anything in his path inflicting 60125 to 69875 Physical damage and interrupting spell casts for 3 sec.

Unmanaged Agression – Borka the Brute slips into an uncontrolled blood craze when Pauli Rocketspark is slain, increasing both his damage done by 50% and his attack speed by 50%.

Railmaster Rocketspark

"Railmaster Pauli Rocketspark, chief foreman of the Grimrail Depot, has been enlisted by Garrosh Hellscream to build the technology required for the Iron Horde's infrastructure. Given the dim-witted assistant Borka to do the heavy lifting, Rocketspark set about building the Grimrail." 

Railmaster Rocketspark Abilities:
VX18-B Target Eliminator – Launches missiles at up to 2 enemy targets. Each missile inflicts 50000 Fire damage to all targets within 3 yards of the impact.
X21-01A Missile Barrage – Fires volleys of missiles inflicting 5320 to 5880 Fire damage to two targets every 1 second for 20 sec.
Locking On! – Railmaster Rocketspark locks on to the players, increasing his damage done by 10% every 1 sec. until he can be interrupted.
New Plan! – Railmaster Rocketspark quickly devises a new plan when Borka the Brute is slain and begins launching missiles that inflict 6475 to 7525 Fire damage every 5 sec.

In addition, Rocketspark starts Locking On!.

Nitrogg Thundertower

"With a zeal for flame and explosives, Nitrogg was a natural fit in the mechanized and weaponized army that Garrosh's plans brought to Draenor, and he has risen quickly through the Iron Horde. He oversees the artillery on the Grimrail, and is eager to break through the defenses around Shattrath and conquer the enemies of the Iron Horde within." 

Nitrogg Thundertower Abilities:
Blackrock Mortar – Throws a series of Blackrock Mortar shells towards a target's location, inflicting Fire damage to enemies within 4 yards of the impact.
Blackrock Grenade – Throws a Blackrock Grenade at a target, inflicting Fire damage to enemies within 3 yards.
Assault Cannon 
Suppressive Fire – Readies a salvo of Suppressive Fire, interrupting casts for 1 sec and inflicting rapid Physical damage. Suppressive Fire lasts 10 sec. Targets may hide behind cover to mitigate the damage from this ability.

Slag Blast – Fires a concentrated salvo of molten slag at a targeted location, engulfing the area in flames. These flames increase Fire damage taken by 30% and inflict 2000 Fire damage every second for 6 sec. This effect stacks.

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