Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rogue Tier 17 - Poisoner's Battlegear

This is a short post about the new Rogue Tier 17 set - Poisoner's Battlegear. Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses:
Rogue T17 Combat 2P Bonus: Increases the chance for Revealing Strike to generate an extra Combo Point by 20%.
Rogue T17 Combat 4P Bonus: Your finishing moves have a 20% chance to generate 5 combo points and cause your next Eviscerate to consume no Energy.

Rogue T17 Assassination 2P Bonus: Mutilate and Dispatch critical strikes restore 7 energy.

Rogue T17 Assassination 4P Bonus: Envenom refunds 1 Combo Point.

Rogue T17 Subtlety 2P Bonus: When you activate Shadow Dance, you gain 60 Energy.

Rogue T17 Subtlety 4P Bonus: When Shadow Dance expires, your next finishing move refunds 5 combo points.

Poisoner's Battlegear Normal

Poisoner's Battlegear Heroic

Poisoner's Battlegear Mythic

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