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Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Boss Preview

I'm going to make few post about the WOD Dungeon bosses, because we all know that we are going to farm the WOD dungeons in the first weeks of the new expansion, so it will be quite useful to know what to expect.

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"Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is a Level 100 dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley, and is available in Normal, Heroic, and Challenge Mode difficulties. This guide will outline strategies and important role-based responsibilities for each of the dungeon's four bosses, as well as offer tips on particularly dangerous trash." 

Sadana Bloodfury

"Sadana Bloodfury is a powerful acolyte of the Shadowmoon clan, deeply connected to the lunar cycles. When the whispers of the dark star worked their way into the hearts of the Shadowmoon, Sadana followed her chieftain Ner'zhul into their clan's burial grounds, using her powers to lure the spirits of the dead for a twisted purpose."  

Sadana Bloodfury Abilities:
Deathspike – Successful melee attacks have a chance to grant three additional melee attacks which inflict 19500 to 20500 Shadow damage.
Dark Communion – Beckons a spirit towards the caster, consuming them if they get within range.
If devoured, this unit heals the caster for 20% of their life, and increases their damage done by 10%.
Daggerfall – Sadana conjures a sacrificial dagger over a random player, inflicting 48750 to 51250 Shadow damage on impact. The dagger remains in the ground, burning players within 4 yards for 20000 Shadow damage per second.
Whispers of the Dark Star – Inflicts 10000 Shadow damage to all enemies every second.
Dark Eclipse – Channels a Dark Eclipse, inflicting 100000 Shadow damage to all players, and corrupting Lunar Runes.

Lunar Purity – Lunar rays of purity bathe you in a divine light, decreasing damage taken by 80%.


"When Ner'zhul tore the fabric of reality and allowed the Void to spill into the ritual burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan, the malefic spirit Nhallish came through that rift in search of souls upon which to feed. Ancient and born of pure darkness, Nhallish seeks to devour all life."  

Nhallish Abilities:
Planar Shift – The caster twists the flow of void energy around himself, preparing to teleport towards an enemy within 150 yards.
Void Vortex – A powerful vortex pulls enemies towards the center, inflicting 15000 Shadow damage each second.
Void Blast – A dark energy tears at your flesh, inflicting 37500 Shadow damage every second.
Void Devastation – Channeling a dark energy, launching bolts of Shadow magic for 15 sec.
Soul Steal – Nhallish periodically tears players' spirits from their bodies, dealing damage until they subdue and recapture their soul.
Soul Shred – Tears the soul from an enemies body, inflicting 5000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. enemies who recapture their soul within 20 sec, you will be empowered by Returned Soul.

Returned Soul – Successfully recovering your soul empowers you, increasing all damage and healing done by 40% for 20 sec.

"Deep within the subterranean caverns under Shadowmoon Valley, the carrion worm Bonemaw has a symbiotic relationship with Ner'zhul's followers: The creature feasts upon the dead left in the wake of the Shadowmoon cult's dark rituals, and in return it serves as a formidable guardian of Ner'zhul's inner sanctum." 

Bonemaw Abilities:
Necrotic Pitch – Bonemaw spews a Necrotic Pitch over a random player's location, inflicting 6000 Shadow damage every second and reducing movement speed by 75%.
Corpse Breath – Inflicts 7800 to 8200 Shadow damage to all enemies every second.
Fetid Spit – Bonemaw slimes his current target with a fetid spit, inflicts 39000 to 41000 Nature damage to the enemy target.
If he has no valid targets in melee range, he will spit uncontrollably.
Body Slam – Bonemaw thrusts his body forward, inflicting 87750 to 92250 Physical damage to enemies in front of him and knocking them back.
DeadlyImportantInhale – Inhales enemies at an increasingly powerful rate.
If a player is caught in his deadly maw, they suffer 97500 to 102500 Nature damage and are removed from the platform.
Carrion Worm
Fetid Spit – Inflicts 19511 to 20489 Nature damage to the enemy target.

If left without any valid melee targets, this unit will spit uncontrollably.

"Ner'zhul took his best Shaman and Necromancers into the depths of his clan's Burial Grounds when he fled. After they and their minions were slain, adventurers caught Ner'zhul in a ritual which took them all to the Edge of Reality, where Ner'zhul, under the influence of the Void, was defeated." 

Ner'zhul Abilities:
Malevolence – Ner'zhul casts a shadow of void energy, inflicting 78000 to 82000 Shadow damage to all enemies in a line in front of him. Afflicted players will have their damage reduced by 50%
Omen of Death – Ner'zhul falls into a trance, showing players a vision of their own death. Void energy rips through the sky, inflicting up to 29250 to 30750 Shadow damage, based on proximity to the effect.
Ritual of Bones – Ner'zhul summons an army of shadow and death which marches across his platform, eradicating all life in its path.

Tendrils of void bind the ritual bones together, inflicting 29250 to 30750 Shadow damage per second to those who cross their threshold.

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