Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warlords of Draenor: Profession Mounts

In this post you will find information about all of the WOD mounts that you will be able to get from professions. I will include pictures and sources for each of the mounts.

Pictures from

Riding Harness and Creeping Carpet
These mounts cannot be crafted by NPCs in your Garrison if you chose The Tannery Level 3 or Tailoring Emporium Level 3 but do not have the professions yourself.
These mounts require level 700 in their respective skills to learn but only level 300 to ride. This means lower level leatherworking or tailoring alts can use these mounts.
They do continue to count towards your mount total if you decide to unlearn the profession after learning the mount, but cannot be mounted.

Riding Harness:
Required materials: 100  Burnished Leather + 20  Sorcerous Air 
Dustmane Direwolf

Creeping Carpet:
Required materials: 100  Hexweave Cloth + 20  Sorcerous Air 

Creeping Carpet

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