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Warlords of Draenor: Garrison Mounts

In this post you will find information about all of the WOD mounts that you will be able to get from your Garrison. I will include pictures and sources for each of the mounts.

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Stables Mounts

The Stables occupies a Large Plot in your garrison. 

The following "trained" mounts require a level 1 or higher Stables in your Garrison. Each of them require capturing a wild mount with a lasso and then completing several quests with them before they are finally rewarded. Quests involve killing monsters around Draenor while mounted on your mount-in-training. Your mount will act as a tank while you provide the damage to kill each monster.

All mounts will be kept and ridable if you decide to demolish your Stables after learning them. 

Trained Meadowstomper

Trained Rocktusk

Trained Riverwallow

Trained Silverpelt

Trained Icehoof

Trained Snarler

Trading Post Mounts

The Trading Post occupies a Medium Plot in your garrison. These mounts require a level 2 Trading Post and exalted reputation with their affiliated faction.

Ironside Warwolf (Horde)

Armored Irontusk (Alliance)

Fishing Shack Mount

The Fishing Shack occupies a secondary plot in your garrison and does not take up a small, medium, or large plot.
You will need a level 3 Fishing Shack to recruit Nat Pagle as a follower to purchase this mount.
You must complete Draenor Angler to unlock  Garrison Blueprint: Fishing Shack, Level 3.
Nat will then offer repeatable quests to fish up "Lunkers" all across Draenor. View quests

These quests reward Nat's Lucky Coin and 350 reputation with Nat Pagle. 
Crimson Water Strider

Garrison Invasion Mounts

Achieving a rating of Gold in a garrison invasion will reward you with  Gold Victory that will allow you to complete the weekly quest  Gold Victory /  Gold Victory, which rewards  Invader's Forgotten Treasure. 

The  Invader's Forgotten Treasure has a chance to contain one of four mounts amongst item level 645 equipment.

Garn Steelmaw

Giant Coldsnout

Smoky Direwolf

Shadowhide Pearltusk

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