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WOD Currencies, Cooking, Fishing and First Aid

While I'm waiting for the servers to stabilize , I've decided to make a post about some of the secondary professions. I'm also going to include some information about the new currencies in WOD. 

Warlords of Draenor: Cooking Overview
Cooking Changes
  • Cooking in Warlords is much more straightforward than in Mists of Pandaria
  • Warlords of Draenor food increases secondary stats, instead of primary stats (Agility, Intellect, Strength).
  • There are two tiers of food in Warlords of Draenor. The lower-level food gives 75 of a secondary stat, and the higher-quality food gives 100 of a secondary stat.
  • Based on your cooking skill, you can create more servings of a recipe as you cook it.
  • All Draenor food can be discovered and cooked at skill level 1, providing an easy way to catch up leveling cooking. A "Recipe idea" has a chance to appear in your inventory for a dish you have not yet learned.
  • Tasting a particular dish can grant you the recipe idea for that dish as well.

Cooking Materials
Herbs:  Frostweed,  Gorgrond Flytrap,  Starflower,  Nagrand Arrowbloom,  Talador Orchid,  Fireweed
Meat:  Raw Clefthoof Meat,  Raw Talbuk Meat,  Rylak Egg,  Raw Elekk Meat,  Raw Riverbeast Meat,  Raw Boar Meat
Fish:  Crescent Saberfish Flesh,  Jawless Skulker Flesh,  Fat Sleeper Flesh,  Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh,  Fire Ammonite Tentacle,  Sea Scorpion Segment,  Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh

The Trading Post Level 1 lets you trade in  Garrison Resources for herbs,  Sumptuous Fur, fish, meat, ore,  Draenic Dust, or  Raw Beast Hide. You can unlock the trader at level 1 by completing  Tricks of the Trade.

Warlords of Draenor: First Aid

First Aid has new bandages as well as a few additional consumables.
  •  Fire Ammonite Oil: Cures diseases up to level 100 and reduces the duration of newly applied diseases by 50% for 2 min. Only works in Draenor. Cannot be used in instances. Takes 10  Fire Ammonite Tentacle.
  •  Blackwater Anti-Venom: Cures poisons up to level 100 and reduces the duration of newly applied poisons by 50% for 2 min. Only works in Draenor. Cannot be used in instances. Takes  Blackwater Whiptail Flesh.
  •  Antiseptic Bandage: Heals 54400 damage over 8 sec. Takes 5  Sumptuous Fur and 5  Sea Scorpion Segment.
  •  Healing Tonic: Restores 68000 health. (1 Min Cooldown) Takes 10  Sea Scorpion Segment.
 First Aid in Draenor teaches all the above recipes and can be found as a world drop or while fishing.

Warlords of Draenor: Fishing
  • Draenor fish come in several sizes, and you can catch bigger fish with higher skill.
  • Draenor fish must be clicked to filet them for cooking reagents--you do not simply cook the fish.
  • In addition to pools, you can increase your chances of catching a particular fish with specific types of bait.
  • There are also new "social" fish, which can also be fished up in Draenor waters at low level like  Awesomefish.
  • There are new items in WoD allowing you to increase your fishing skill temporarily like  Tentacled Hat.
  •  Fishing is also elaborately tied to your Garrison--you can recruit Nat Pagle, fish up special reward fish for him, and buy cool items like  Reins of the Crimson Water Strider.
At level 3, you can fish up a  Lunarfall Carp/ Frostdeep Minnow in your Garrison's water. Throwing it back into the water summons a Lunarfall Cavedweller/Frostdeep Cavedweller. This drops many cool items, including fishing hats, lures, fish, and bait.
Garrison building: Fishing Shack
Follower ability:  Angler. Nat Pagle lets you catch lunkers without bait.

Warlords of Draenor: Currencies

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